Tracking city bikes


For a semester about system oriented design, me and Jacob Bråthen Pettersen did a project with Oslo City Bikes. Our goal was to investigate what kind of data the city bike system could ask people to gather, how they would ask and what they could use it for. It was en explorative project, with many variations and iterations, with an intent to share this with the people behind the city bike project, and not necessary to design a 'solution'.

Our delivery was a set of functioning prototypes, a handbook and a map that they could use as a discussion tool, as possible inspiration to further develop the Oslo City Bikes.

Disclamer: the graphic profile of Oslo Bysykkel is designed by Heydays. We made our designs with their profile as a base and were allowed to make variations and play around with it since this was a school project.



By Andreea Tecusan and Jacob Bråthen Pettersen
Course: Systems oriented design
When: 3rd year, spring semester 2016 at AHO
Duration: 4 months

Nominated for AHO WORKS AWARDS 2016 - Interaction design