Oslo Open



The maps «Oslo Open 2018» show the artists’ studios that were open for the public the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April during the art festival ‘Oslo Open’. They also show the routes of 5 people walking around in Oslo on these days.

The maps are of two different characters: the birds eye view on all the studios in Oslo, and a subjective and personal perspective of the participants’ experiences. Parallell to making the maps, I wanted to observe my role as the one gathering data and representing it, being aware of my possibilities and responsibilities.

The maps are accompanied by a text "Mapping the unknown art scene in Oslo through Google Maps and Proust" where I write more in depth about the concept, methods and reflections around the process.



By Andreea Tecusan
Course: Master elective course "Mapping the unknown city" - a course from the Institute of Landscape Architecture / Urbanism.
When: 4th year, spring semester 2018 at the Oslo school of Architecture and Design
Duration: 2 weeks
Aim of project: Create a map of something unknown in Oslo