Goksøyr & Martens



Together with programmer and artist Boris Kourtoukov, I designed the new website for Goksøyr & Martens. The process started in February 2018 with building a strategy and visual universe for them. I ran two parallell processes here: the webiste and their communication on social media, with emphasis on Instagram

Goksøyr & Martens wish to create stories that confront reality, that forge links between theatre and contemporary social and political circumstances, and that reveal both our fears and our dreams.

They use the bird’s-eye perspective as their guiding principle, and equip audiences with headphones that immerse them in a three-dimensional world of sound.

The bird's-eye perspective was the concept for the rotating landing page of the site. The randomization of images, image sizes and crops allude to how theatre is never perfect. A play is never identical to yesterdays performance, theatre has randomness, improvisation and flexibility.