Flâneur is a universe where you're allowed to not be perfect. Where it's ok to be a bit off, to have shitty day. And by sharing your pain with others, you might feel less alone.

Flâneur is an app for sharing bad days with strangers. The project was a part of a very open brief called "The Future of Well being".

My mantra for the concept was "Social Healing" and was inspired by the feeling of being hungover and feeling awful, but at the same time feeling a connection with other hungover people. Even if they're strangers, it feels good to know that you're not alone. 


By Andreea Tecusan
Course: Design and identity - interaction design and branding
When: 3rd year, autumn semester 2015 at AHO
Duration: 4 months
Programs and production: Adobe illustation for the screens, InDesign for the report, Proto.io for app prototype
Aim of project: Create an identity

Nominated for AHO WORKS AWARDS 2015 - Interaction design