6 minutes


'6 minutes' is about alone time. Going outside to think or not think at all, maybe fickling with something in your hand so you don't look weird.

I used to smoke, and I loved these 6 minutes by myself. Just you and the cigarette, and preferably silence. Just the sound of tobacco sizzling and maybe a bird or the wind. Holding a cigarette granted you this luxury. But just going out, without anything "to do"? Most non-smokers don't do that.

The lock turns on when you breath into it, and gets warm for 6 minutes. When the time is up, the led-light turns off.

breathing_1 kopi.png

By Andreea Tecusan
Course: Interactive objects
When: 2nd year, fall semester 2014 at Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Duration: 4 weeks
Materials: brass, peltier element, humidity sensor, led